Flower Stand Tycoon

Flower Stand Tycoon

Flower Stand Tycoon is a time management game with nice features
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Flower Stand Tycoon is a time-managent game from TikGames. The game is exactly what it says it is, a game where your objective is to build a Flower Stand empire. While the theme may not be appealing to a wide audience, the game has a very nice time-management options. Uncle Pott is a genetic engineer that creates flower cross-breeds. However, he is not a businessman so he makes a deal with you to sell his creations in order to fund his experiments. So he gives you money, a van and a flower cart. The first thing you must do is stock up for the day. However, since the flowers must be fresh, you have to be careful not to overstock. Then you must choose what part of the city you want to sell them. Each area has different tastes so you have to consider this. You can have several carts and be in several parts of the city. As the game progresses you will find yourself facing competitors. This means you have to advertise to get the majority of the market share. Flower Stand Tycoon may have very nice features and challenges, but there is no real end or objective to it, just to get as much money as you can. This is what you expect from Tycoon games, so Flower Stand Tycoon is a good Tycoon game with a not-so-appealing theme.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Good features
  • Excellent presentation


  • Bland Story
  • Theme not appealing to many
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